Riemann usage at BlueMountain

October 4, 2012 at 12:20 pm | Posted in opensource | 2 Comments

Yesterday we released 3 new open source projects on GitHub: riemann-cassandra, riemann-csharp, and riemann-health-windows. We are really excited about the Riemann project, and we have already started to integrate the project into our monitoring efforts.

Our infrastructure at BlueMountain includes Windows machines, Linux machines, and a lot of custom software. As we scale up the number of machines on our grid and integrate new software including Cassandra, we find our monitoring requirements becoming higher. Riemann fits in very well for our monitoring. Its push model allows us to be proactive instead of reactive; we can receive alerts before our users complain.

Because Riemann can feed directly into Graphite, we can have nice graphs for our historical data and a dashboard that alerts us to changing conditions. Below is a collection of graphs from our current Cassandra cluster.Image

Many thanks to the creator of Riemann, Kyle Kingsbury.

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