Introducing Glance

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Glance is a new open source project from BlueMountain Capital.

Glance, a metrics dashboard

Glance is the dashboard that we’ve developed internally to take advantage of the metrics captured by Riemann and the metrics that are available through Graphite.

Currently, Glance is only able to look at the data that is exposed through Graphite. We are working on adding in support Riemann’s websocket protocol, which will also enable real-time metrics to be pushed out to the dashboard.

Get your focus back

Glance hides the navigation after you have selected your dashboard. Mousing over the navigation tab will cause it to reappear.

This small feature allows more space for the metrics to take up on your screen. Once you have a dashboard selected, Glance gets out of the way so that you can focus on the metrics.

Search here, search there


The search box will search the metrics display on the page as well as those on the server. This allows quick filtering of metrics as well as finding metrics not included.

Easily define new dashboards

Glance uses a JavaScript API to define new pages, allowing for easy deployment and usage."cpu","CPU")

All in browser

Glance uses HTML5 technologies to push the logic of metric capture and dashboard creation to the user’s browser. This enables a static page to be served by the server and quick load on the client side.

We’ve tried to use the best technologies that are suited for our use case. These technologies include:


Glance is open source, under the Apache License. Feel free to fork Glance, submit issues on our GitHub page.

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