Announcing Deedle

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Yesterday we announced Deedle, our new Open Source library for exploratory data analysis in C# and F#.  Deedle (almost) stands for “Dotnet Exploratory Data Library”.  This is a library for .NET with similar capabilities to the widely respected Pandas library for Python.

Deedle was developed by Tomas Petricek, with assistance from Adam Klein and myself.

We are finding Deedle to be extremely powerful for research.  We hope others will find it similarly useful and make improvements to make it an even better package.

Deedle has great documentation and examples so we hope you will get up to speed quickly!  A video of our talk at the NYC F# meetup is available, as is the sample source code.

Howard Mansell
Tomas Petricek

NYC* Tech Day presentation

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This week, Jake and Carl spoke at the NYCassandra tech day.

The presentation was well received, make sure to check it out on SlideShare:

NYC* Big Tech Day 2013: Financial Time Series from carlyeks
The talk goes into the way that we utilize Cassandra, as well as the types of tuning that we’ve done to the JVM. Slides 2-20 show our use case, 22-41 show the types of performance tuning that we’ve done for our workload.

Jake and Carl at NYC* 2013

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Jake Luciani and Carl Yeksigian will be presenting at the NYC* Tech Day 2013. They will be talking about how BlueMountain has harnessed Cassandra to deliver a scalable time series database. If this is an interesting topic for you, make sure to register!

Mountain Lions

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We are very pleased to launch this blog, through which the members of the BlueMountain Quantitative Strategy team will share opinions, provide useful information about technology and announce open-source software.

You can read a bit about what we do by checking out this Waters Technology article:

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